Trade with “Isabella”: the ultra-safe Trading System with reliable returns and automatic execution

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Today I present you a safe and reliable Trading System with a monthly return from 0.5% to 10% and a really restrained drawdown (no more than 25%). I called it “Isabella”, like my mother, due to the fact she is used to take only rational and rewarded risks in her life.

The system is based on manual operations, in fact I personally control every trade and there is no algorithmic or mathematical software doing the job.

Main objectives are lowering drawdown as much as possible (if maximum drawdown grows more than 25%, system should be considered failed) and obtaining a systematic return at least fourfold higher (on annual basis) of a so called “risk free” asset like a triple A government bond could be.

This strategy is suitable for a trading account with initial balance of at least 5.000$.

I make a tight control on operations but you should set, for your safety, a maximum loss of 20% of initial capital.

System is basically based on manual trading. All entry points, stop losses and take profits are consequences of a deep analysis. For example with a capital of 400$,  first trade’s volume will be from 0,02 to 0,05.


Some statistics


To have a detailed view of my trading system you can follow the link below:

Now I will explain how to open a trading account with competitive spreads and subscribe to the trading signal with automatic execution.


You can use any broker at your choice but I can suggest two with competitive spreads and fast execution:

Tickmill is regulated by the UK FCA and offers two types of accounts: Classic (leverage 1:500, spread from 1.6 pips and no commisions) and Pro (leverage 500:1, spread from 0.0 pips and commission of 2$ every traded lot).

Admiral Markets is regulated by the UK FCA and offers two types of accounts: Admiral.Markets (leverage 1:500, spread from0.8 pips and no commissions) and Admiral.Prime (leverage 1:500, spread from 0 pips and commission of 3$ every traded lot).

Once you have opened a trading account you have to install the MetaTrader 4 software on your computer.


Subscribing to the signal is easy. Two accounts are needed: a MetaTradaer 4 trading account (I suggested you to use Tickmill or Admiral Markets but you can chose anyone you want) and a account.

To register a account you can click here.

“Isabella” is a paid signal and its cost is 30$/month. So before subscribing it, enough money should be available on your account.

Once you have funded it go to the trading terminal settings and specify the MQL5 account in the “Community” tab:

Configuring connection to in the trading terminal

Now you can subscribe to “Isabella” signal on the site or using the direct link below.

Open the signal page and click “Subscribe”. Then click “Start copying in MetaTrader”. The trading terminal will open. The signal “Isabella” page will open in the terminal, and the subscription confirmation window will appear. Subscription is completed from the terminal as described above.

Subscribing to signals on

Remember that in the trading terminal options you can customize signal coping parameters: you can chose which % of deposit to be used (for exact copy you should set 95%) and stop trading operation if equity goes less than a certain amount (I suggest to set it a 20% lower the initial deposit).

Signal Copy Settings

If you need assistance do not esitate to contact me at

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